What Net Neutrality really is

Ok, so here is how Net Neutrality works, about which the FCC just announced new “light touch” rules, that President Obama is so proud of (as if he actually understands all this; Nobody really understands it, don’t let them fool you, or they wouldn’t have done this to the internet).

If you just subscribed to Netflix so you could watch season 3 of House of Cards, and Netflix’ traffic to your ISP overruns capacity of the ISP and slows down everything, not just Netflix, on your corner of the internet because so many people who subscribe to Netflix from your ISP watch House of Cards at the same time, the new Net Neutrality rules do not allow your ISP to let Netflix buy more capacity on your ISP to compensate or for your ISP to charge Netflix for overrunning its capacity (Netflix gets to overrun your ISP for free even if YOU do not subscribe to Netflix), and so then each can blame the other for the whole house of cards, though your ISP can add capacity on its own to keep things running smoothly if they wish and pass along the increased costs TO YOU, as noted even if you do not subscribe to Netflix, instead of Netflix paying to have the higher capacity from it to your ISP, because Title II regulation from the Telecommunications Act of 1934 (back when only copper wire conveyed only a phone call) sets revenue (subscriber monthly fees) BASED ON MARGIN OVER COSTS just like they do basic phone service over said copper wire, even if now your ISP delivers your internet service by fiber optic lines like ours does, and so the whole thing becomes one big house of cards because of House of Cards and the world collapses and dogs and cats wind up dancing with each other and spirits erupt from buildings in New York so who you gonna call and the internet becomes arcanely regulated like obsolete copper phone regulations for wholly different reasons than internet fast lanes as they mistakenly call them (it is more like how much water you can pump out of a fire hydrant at one time…eventually to pump more you have build a bigger pipe – who pays, the one who pumps or the one who supplies the water? Either way, someone has to pay because water, like internet service, is NOT free no matter what people try and tell you) but since nobody can REALLY explain Net Neutrality so consumers of the 21st century really understand it, House of Cards is what causes the house of cards to collapse under the weight of useless regulation that just lets House of Cards slow everything down but nobody wants to pay the bill so the Ghostbusters just go put the smelly evil spirits (government regulation) right back in the ballroom and thus the house of cards eventually collapses due to no additional capacity to expand because no company will add capacity just out of the kindness of its heart (remember, the Supreme Court declared in a ruling that corporations are people), so now the government can force ISPs to add capacity (build bigger pipes) even if that means passing along the increased costs to you because Title II makes them to cover the regulated margin. Fee minus cost equals margin. Raise the cost, raise the fee to keep the regulated margin. That is now legal for ISPs to do because of Title II.

Or, let the market drive it without government regulation and things will settle out based on consumer choice – ISPs will only do what consumers vote for with their dollars, instead of letting the bureaucrats in Washington decide. Got it?

And you thought watching House of Cards wouldn’t impact anybody else…..


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