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What Net Neutrality really is

Ok, so here is how Net Neutrality works, about which the FCC just announced new “light touch” rules, that President Obama is so proud of (as if he actually understands all this; Nobody really understands it, don’t let them fool … Continue reading

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My weight loss experience

Some time back I had decided I was going to write about something else, but since then it has been on my heart and in my mind, instead, to write about the last year and what I did to lose … Continue reading

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Memories of my childhood dog – Flip – in Friendswood

I awoke this morning about 4:45 AM to the sound of a sprinkler ratcheting its way through its pattern, in my front yard.  Ah, the joys of aging…some things just cannot wait any longer.  I suppose the sound of running … Continue reading

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My memories of the floods in Friendswood, Texas caused by Tropical Storm Claudette in July, 1979

Tropical Storm Claudette: Tropical Storm Claudette – July 16-31, 1979 The tropical wave that spawned Claudette was the strongest of the season in the mid-levels of the troposphere, with 85 knot winds being reported at the 550 hPa level … Continue reading

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